Air Hockey

Concept and Design: John-Paul Pochin

Fabrication: Mark Soperman, Larisse Hall, John-Paul Pochin

Programming: John-Paul Pochin

Electronics: John-Paul Pochin

This project started with the 'Leap Sensors'. The Sensors have the ability to sense the position of your hands and fingers and I ended up with two of them – What game could you make with two hand sensors – Air Hockey of course!... But what other games could we make?

If you've ever wondered what all that trigonometry that you are learning or have learnt in maths class would be useful for, well it's very useful when writing games! All the collisions and movement of the players and the puck in this game use trigonometry.

Air Hockey was programmed in Java and uses the OpenGL 3D libraries.


2 x Laptops

2 x Arduino

2 x Leap Sensors

TV Screen

Recycled Computer Fans

Wood and Acrylic